Reticulated Python close and personal

Meet Roman. Roman is about 5 years old. He was born in Singapore and never seen any other place.

We’ve met Roman strolling around restricted military area after midnight. To our excuse we’ve got only fact that we entered the area through storm drain and there were no „stop” signs anywhere to be seen. We’ve met actually on our way out, while we were trying to evacuate our selfs out of the unfriendly place. Roman was basking by the river under clouded midnight sky. Continue reading Reticulated Python close and personal

Reptiles – gallery

For reasons I cant understand even until now I’ve been fascinated by the snakes and reptiles in general since I can remember. Hopefully those few random photographs pulled out from my archives will make you see beauty that I see, but most fail to see… Continue reading Reptiles – gallery

Daboia Siamensis – Eastern Russels Viper

This snake is equally beautiful, fascinating and deadly.  It has patchy distribution in Asia and wherever it can be found plays significant role in snake bites statistics. But what is most fascinating about it is the fact, that anti-venom produced for particular population is often useless for the same species bites treatment in another region as the venom of different population affects human differently. Continue reading Daboia Siamensis – Eastern Russels Viper