South India – Bollywood Theater

Short term memory loss

– What the hell was the name of that village… – I muttered trying to remember but my mind was blank. 

– Can’t recall. – replied calmly Norbert. – But how many theaters in the area can be playing tonight? I’m pretty sure someone will know where it is.

With that optimistic thought we left the hotel. Hotel boy had no clue where the theater was going to be performing. Neither rickshaw driver although he offered to take us “there” for extremely expensive 80 rupees. Having no idea where to go we took on… our right. By asking anyone we’ve met about the play we’ve managed only to get an idea that the way leads through the forest. So there we go to that forest but but but… some friendly villagers try to persuade us not to. Continue reading South India – Bollywood Theater

Burmese market – Sittwe – Gallery

Like country, like hypermarket. In some places without place to shop and sell, there is no life. Hypermarket feeds, dresses you up and connects you with others. Everyone who deals with anything has to show up here for merchandise, every restaurant owner needs to buy here fish and every mother must pick up some rice and some second hand pants for her sons… In Sittwe every single day starts at the market. Continue reading Burmese market – Sittwe – Gallery

Mali – gallery

Desert of Mali. Most of the world has heard about it in 80s, when catastrophic draught has killed there over 100.000 people and forced next few hundred thousand to migrate. Beautiful, terrifying pictures of Sebastiao Salgado have brought this country to attention of Western world and since then Mali is recognizable (pictures available here: Though draughts are not as bad anymore in that area, people still experience poverty and hunger. Continue reading Mali – gallery

South India – Meeting with sisters

Every cloud has a silver lining

Traveling at night time is always a risky idea. You would think: I’ll save some money, jump in one night half of the country and will be able to continue traveling tomorrow after a good nap. Sometimes it works. Usually it doesn’t. This one particular night in the bus from Chennai to Kanyakumari was a definite “doesn’t”. Continue reading South India – Meeting with sisters

The taste of Durian

Apparently, it is estimated that Vietnam has about 20 varieties of durian. Most of them do not have a name and are only available locally. Thailand is to have 234 and Malaysia, people of which are believed to be crazy about the king of fruits – around 130. It turns out that there are as many durians as apples … Continue reading The taste of Durian