Wolf that pretends not to be wolf to look like real bad ass…

Mimicry is similarity of one organism to another, unrelated organism. Such similarity benefits impostor based for example on good or bad fame of the one that it’s being  mimicked… There are for example orchids that pretend to be… sexy female bees to get pollinated… There are grasshoppers that look like a leaf or a twig and there are mantises looking just like flowers and that often renders them entirely invisible. There are also some smart pants of natural world using mimicry to convince everyone around they should’t be messed with. Continue reading Wolf that pretends not to be wolf to look like real bad ass…

calendar 2017

I don’t know what about snakes gets me so much, but I’d really like everyone to be able to see those beautiful and agile animals the way I do. You’d simply need to spend few moments watching them without prejudice and fear…

Because the 2016 is ending we’ve produced a calendar for you, to get those unappreciated little dragons little publicity.

Calendar is 12x12in, printed out on very high quality paper and all pages are covered with protective layer of UV coating.

For 15$ you can have one of those little faces looking at you from across the room everyday in 2017 😉

At the moment we’re able to accept payments only via Pay Pal, and will only ship to the address sent to us by Pay Pal together with payment confirmation

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calendar cover
calendar 2017 cover