avatarNKI was chasing dragons across my garden for as long as I can remember. Most of my parents property was not taken care of in any ways so for five year old boy it was like a real jungle that grew at least twice as tall as  I was.  And  every day I would discover parts of it that I haven’t seen before. I can still remember this feeling of excitement when entering another lost world on my everyday forages. And there were real dragons there to. Frogs, lizards, strangely looking insects and most elusive of them all – snakes! I’m still not certain what made me fascinated with those legless creatures so much, but the idea of meeting another one pulls me out of home and makes me spend hours and even days enduring tropical rains, bug bites and desert heats without complaint. I turn stones, I dig up piles of debris, l look in holes, pits and crevices wherever I go, even in cities. On top of that – watching from the safe distance doesn’t satisfy me, I need to be close, I need to smell, touch and get dirty, sometimes I get bitten…


There is people and there is places. There is adventure and there is boredom. Each side of travelling is intriguing and inspiring to me. Even the boredom! Most of all – there are stories. Stories that have never been written, stories which are getting forgotten, and them, the stories, are my fuel of life. Stories of people I meet, stories of places I discover, stories of adventures, stories of “we walked 3 days and it was itchy” (quote by Wojciech Cejrowski) and imaginary stories. Out there, where be dragons, are stories, that I will write down one day…

I have started travelling yet in my mom’s belly, we went to Yugoslavia I think. I’ve done my first 20km trek at the age of 3 and first trip to the mountains at age of 5. Same year I went with mom first time abroad – and it wasn’t easy thing to do as Polish could not travel freely at that time. My mom sold me a “travel bug” and although today she sometimes complains I can’t sit in one place, I know she understands. 

Books made it even worse. I fell in love with my first few books of Alfred Szklarski and Julius Verne have just blown my imagination. I wasn’t even 10 when school librarian told me, there is no more books I’m interested in  – I’ve read it all! Fortunately TV came to Poland and I found more ways to experience world exploration. And since I’ve seen Indiana Jones movie (the one with rolling stone ball!), I was convinced my future will look very similar to all those stories and I’ll believe it – more or less strongly – until this day. Even now, I still believe there is some crystal skull or unknown temple or better, unknown tribe hidden in the jungle waiting just for me to be discovered!

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