Burma (Myanmar)

water lilies seller Burmese market – Sittwe – Gallery - Like country, like hypermarket. In some places without place to shop and sell, there is no life. Hypermarket feeds, dresses you up and connects you with others. Everyone who deals with anything has to show up here for merchandise, every restaurant owner needs to buy here fish and every mother must pick up some rice and … Continue reading Burmese market – Sittwe – Gallery
Mrauk U – Gallery - Mrauk U is magical. It fell of the map and from “time” in 19th century and was never recovered since… I know it sounds way over-hyped but it really isn’t. To get there we needed to take almost day long boat trip from tiny jetty outside of Sittwe and this trip itself was already a good reason to … Continue reading Mrauk U – Gallery
Burma art, sand-paiting, sztuka birmy, malunki na piasku Sand painting – modern art in Bagan – Gallery - Bagan is not only about ruins and temples, it’s as well opportunity to meet modern Burma art. Every now and then you’ll see people selling so called “sand paintings” or bamboo dishes and those small things can be equally fascinating to watch as the old stones and wall paintings. They will not hassle you, many … Continue reading Sand painting – modern art in Bagan – Gallery
bagan Bagan – Gallery - Bagan is amazing. It makes you feel like you’re Indiana Jones and gives you this thrill of adventure and discovery with every turn of your head and every step. Most of the temples there are easily accessible yet not renovated at all and with all the greenery around it’s easy to forget that the place … Continue reading Bagan – Gallery