Road encounters

Meeting PEOPLE on the road can have many forms. From 5 seconds eye gazing to few days travelling together. From small, simingly unimportant chit-chats to heart catching confessions. Road meetings tend to make your travel more adventurous, more full, more surprising. If you are openminded, can take you to places you would never not think of visiting. What’s maybe most important, people that cross your way can turn your beliefs upside down and completely change your view on what’s important in life. Or what is or is not possible. In this chapter you can find those encouters that touched our hearts, souls or minds.

Sewing Dao (Dao Khau) Tribe - Sewing Dao Tribe Women of this tribe are recognized by black 3/4 length trousers richly embroidered with the signature flower, tree and star patterns seen on many other Dao costumes. They also wear a front hanging black apron with a wide, plain blue band at the waist (also common to some H’mong), together with a plain … Continue reading Sewing Dao (Dao Khau) Tribe
South India – Bollywood Theater - Short term memory loss – What the hell was the name of that village… – I muttered trying to remember but my mind was blank.  – Can’t recall. – replied calmly Norbert. – But how many theaters in the area can be playing tonight? I’m pretty sure someone will know where it is. With that … Continue reading South India – Bollywood Theater
Sister-actresses in locala Theater South India – Meeting with sisters - Every cloud has a silver lining Traveling at night time is always a risky idea. You would think: I’ll save some money, jump in one night half of the country and will be able to continue traveling tomorrow after a good nap. Sometimes it works. Usually it doesn’t. This one particular night in the bus … Continue reading South India – Meeting with sisters