The Great Feast

FOOD… It’s probably second best thing in traveling. If you’re not scared wold is yours to conquer and the multitude of tastes and their combinations is unbelievably amazing. There are places on this planet that would allow you to eat for week and you wouldn’t be nowhere near trying everything they have in the offer. In my perspective eating is an adventure, but being able to eat stuff that goat would spit out in disgust helps to build relationships with people…

Snake Dish Vietnam Style - Snake and its miserable fate. “Would you like some vodka with snake blood? Or even better, with its still beating heart. It is very good for men sir!!” Hundreds of tourist fall for this kind of marketing every year thinking, they are about to experience some authentic adventure. In reality, no one in Vietnam drinks … Continue reading Snake Dish Vietnam Style
The taste of Durian - Apparently, it is estimated that Vietnam has about 20 varieties of durian. Most of them do not have a name and are only available locally. Thailand is to have 234 and Malaysia, people of which are believed to be crazy about the king of fruits – around 130. It turns out that there are as … Continue reading The taste of Durian


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