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Daboia Siamensis – Eastern Russels Viper

This snake is equally beautiful, fascinating and deadly.  It has patchy distribution in Asia and wherever it can be found plays significant role in snake bites statistics. But what is most fascinating about it is the fact, that anti-venom produced for particular population is often useless for the same species bites treatment in another region as the venom of different population affects human differently. Continue reading Daboia Siamensis – Eastern Russels Viper

In search of Bayon faces – part II

Banteay Chhmar – Sister of Angkor Wat

Far away from the hustle and bustle of Siem Reap and Angkor, lies the small village of Muong Cau. Everyone calls it Banteay Chhmar but it is really the name of the temple lying nearby. There are no buses going to this village, the only way to get here is to catch a taxi from Sisaphon town lying 65 km away or… to hitchhike. In Muong Cau there are no hotels, nor restaurants. It’s quiet, peaceful place, time passes slowly and has time to smile. Continue reading In search of Bayon faces – part II

In search of Bayon faces – part I


There is such a dream…

I don’t know how about you but me, I travel with my eyes. More often than not, it’s some picture or movie scene that decides where I go next time. When I get there, instead of reading the guidebook, I rather go to small stand with postcards. Guidebook has failed me many times, what is great for one person, to me may be unbearable due to crowds interrupting the place beauty. Other time, what guidebook barely spent time on describing, occurs to be the most amazing place on planet Earth to me. I know this for sure: pictures are my best compass.

I don’t remember when I saw the picture of the temple with towers wearing four faces but this picture landed deeply in my imagination. It sprouted, started to grow and till today, there is a quite big jungle in my head… Continue reading In search of Bayon faces – part I

Angkor – Gallery


Long time ago in Angkor Wat

“When the king goes out, troops lead the escort; then come flags, banners and music. Palace women, numbering from three to five hundred, wearing clothes decorated with flowers, with flowers in their hair, hold candles in their hands, and form a troupe. Even in broad daylight, the candles are lit. Then come other palace women, carrying lances and shields; then the king’s private guards; then carts drawn by goats and horses, all in gold. After that ministers and princes mounted on elephants, and in front of them one can see, from afar, their innumerable red umbrellas. After them come the wives and concubines of the king, in palanquins, carriages, on horseback and on elephants. They have more than one hundred parasols, flecked with gold. Behind them comes the sovereign, standing on an elephant, holding his sacred sword in his hand. The elephant’s tusks are encased in gold.” Continue reading Angkor – Gallery

Cambodia diagonally


Not so long ago while having dinner I was told that nowadays going to Cambodia is a waste of time… Conversation subject was „places that are still authentic” in SE Asia, which I guess meant places, where influence of tourism is non existent or barely visible and local population still lives in their bamboo huts in poverty, unaware of the size of the world.

If out of „lack of time” you decide to take one of the mainstream guidebooks and lay down your trip schedule along with what’s worth and what’s a „must see” pointed out there, I agree. Just stay home and watch documentary about the place. But this is true for everything in life, if you won’t put minimum of effort into it, results will never be satisfying (guidebook is not an effort, it’s making it easy for yourself). Continue reading Cambodia diagonally