The taste of Durian

Apparently, it is estimated that Vietnam has about 20 varieties of durian. Most of them do not have a name and are only available locally. Thailand is to have 234 and Malaysia, people of which are believed to be crazy about the king of fruits – around 130. It turns out that there are as many durians as apples …

Genus “durio” contains 24 species of trees, of which 9 species are edible (for the other to a large extent it’s not known whether they are edible, but it is quite possible). Malaysians distinguish different types of durin also based on the age of the tree, given fruit grew on. So if you add to it certain number of actual varieties within a single species the numbers above seem not so abstract.

Durian tree can reach a height of 50m and age of more than 100 years. Fruits grow alone, in pairs or even in the kind of loose clusters. One fruit can weigh 3kg and taking into account its hard spiky husk must make strong impression when hitting the ground. I had the pleasure to see falling jack-fruit, a little alike fruit and the force with which it hit the ground was amazing. This got me wonder how many people are getting hart each year as a result of durian “attack”. Because apparently accidents actually do happen: CLICK

Someone loooong time ago stated that durians taste can be only loved or hated, and this opinion clung to the fruit until today, but frankly my liking for it is far from love, and this is the case with most people who enjoy eating durian to any degree. There are, of course, “fanatics” but where they aren’t ..? But if one does not like aromatic hedgehog , he or she will almost certainly hate it. Due to that more and more countries in Asia are introducing regulations prohibiting of bringing durians in to certain public places like buses, hotels etc. (we all kind of know about it but I couldn’t not to mention it).

It’s all just an introduction to the video below, but if someone is interested in durian itself there is one place: YEAR OF DURIAN

Coming back to Earth – as an amateur (in the sense of opposite to connoisseur) I wonder if I’m able to taste the difference between all these variations and identify the “most delicious” one. I can feel the difference between apples or pears, of course, but what if the strong smell overpowers my senses and my brain…?

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