South India – Bollywood Theater - Short term memory loss – What the hell was the name of that village… – I muttered trying to remember but my mind was blank.  – Can’t recall. – replied calmly Norbert. – But how many theaters in the area can be playing tonight? I’m pretty sure someone will know where it is. With that … Continue reading South India – Bollywood Theater
Sister-actresses in locala Theater South India – Meeting with sisters - Every cloud has a silver lining Traveling at night time is always a risky idea. You would think: I’ll save some money, jump in one night half of the country and will be able to continue traveling tomorrow after a good nap. Sometimes it works. Usually it doesn’t. This one particular night in the bus … Continue reading South India – Meeting with sisters
indie kultura, india culture, culture, kultura India Culture - India is heaven for those searching for opportunities to meet local culture. It is always full of aesthetic experience, “aws” and… surprises. It is possible to dance on the copper bowls? Of course! Man playing role of goddess? Absolutely! Theater can last round four hours? Even longer! You can say many things about India culture except … Continue reading India Culture