Reticulated Python close and personal

Meet Roman. Roman is about 5 years old. He was born in Singapore and never seen any other place.

We’ve met Roman strolling around restricted military area after midnight. To our excuse we’ve got only fact that we entered the area through storm drain and there were no „stop” signs anywhere to be seen. We’ve met actually on our way out, while we were trying to evacuate our selfs out of the unfriendly place. Roman was basking by the river under clouded midnight sky.

Apparently Singapore proved to be great place to live for Roman and his family. Their favorite occupation seem to be visiting all the corners of their country. Once in a while one of Romans cousins ventures even to supermarket or city park. In Singapore no one seem to hold it against them. They even have assigned special servants to drive them back home after such public appearance. One thing though Roman can not figure out… why always in that bag? Roman personally despises supermarkets and shopping malls. He’s dietary preferences are rather conservative. Rats, lizards, basically anything he manages to catch in the forest and overcome – “paleo” as some people call it.

Being only 3m in length our young fella can’t compete with the biggest of his cousins of which title of the longest belongs (according Guinness Record Book) to Medusa that is 7,67m. But he’s not bothered by that as he still has 10-15 more years to live and to grow if everything go right. But if I can allow myself for a personal comment it’s not size that is most impressive characteristic of Roman and his brothers and sisters. Simply look at the painting on the back, those golden eyes and rainbow shine at his flanks…

Ps. Roman loves hugging
Ps2. In case you didn’t notice he’s Reticulated Python – Malayopython Reticulus


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