Sewing Dao (Dao Khau) Tribe

Sewing Dao Tribe

Women of this tribe are recognized by black 3/4 length trousers richly embroidered with the signature flower, tree and star patterns seen on many other Dao costumes. They also wear a front hanging black apron with a wide, plain blue band at the waist (also common to some H’mong), together with a plain black turban. This is what “official description” says.

Now, the woman I’ve met wasn’t wearing a black turban but colorful headkerchief instead and quite modern, fleece vest. At first, I thought she is from Hmong group, as I saw Flower Hmong ladies in similar headkerchief before. The rest of her clothes though was definitely not a Flower Hmong type, so I thought, maybe, Black Hmong? She seemed a bit too colorful though, with the bright-colored sleeves of her tunic and she had a silver brooch under her chin – as typically worn by Red Dao group. I think the only element of her wardrobe that pushed me into assigning her to Sewing Dao tribe were the pants, that she brought to show me – truly beautifully embroidered with flower and star patterns. Plus she was sewing, she must be a “Sewing Dao” lady after all 🙂

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