Snake Dish Vietnam Style

Snake and its miserable fate.

“Would you like some vodka with snake blood? Or even better, with its still beating heart. It is very good for men sir!!” Hundreds of tourist fall for this kind of marketing every year thinking, they are about to experience some authentic adventure. In reality, no one in Vietnam drinks alcohol, nor eats snake in such way.  

Authenticity hunt

Nevertheless, snakes can be found in Vietnamese menu – either in a soup, goulash or rice gruel. There are professional snake hunters – they sell hunted animals to roadside hawkers, who are then reselling all kinds of livestock, like birds, rats, frogs, or snakes. It is difficult to find such markets in cities but not that difficult in villages. Locals truly eat snakes, from time to time, however, based on our observations, this is rather special occasions.

Sometimes you can find reptiles and amphibians offer in restaurant menu – if the restaurant though offers its clients choosing live snake before cooking it – we do not recommend to order it. Snake needs to be very well cooked to get soft, which can take 3-4 hours. Otherwise, it will be hard and gummy, so it’s better to resign from the consumption and spare animal’s life. 

For those who are keen to find out more, below you can find a movie from Saigon, which was made thanks to our friend and his family: how to cook a really tasty snake.  Yum-yum! 🙂

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