India Culture

India is heaven for those searching for opportunities to meet local culture. It is always full of aesthetic experience, “aws” and… surprises. It is possible to dance on the copper bowls? Of course! Man playing role of goddess? Absolutely! Theater can last round four hours? Even longer! You can say many things about India culture except that it’s boring. Continue reading India Culture

Angkor – Gallery


Long time ago in Angkor Wat

“When the king goes out, troops lead the escort; then come flags, banners and music. Palace women, numbering from three to five hundred, wearing clothes decorated with flowers, with flowers in their hair, hold candles in their hands, and form a troupe. Even in broad daylight, the candles are lit. Then come other palace women, carrying lances and shields; then the king’s private guards; then carts drawn by goats and horses, all in gold. After that ministers and princes mounted on elephants, and in front of them one can see, from afar, their innumerable red umbrellas. After them come the wives and concubines of the king, in palanquins, carriages, on horseback and on elephants. They have more than one hundred parasols, flecked with gold. Behind them comes the sovereign, standing on an elephant, holding his sacred sword in his hand. The elephant’s tusks are encased in gold.” Continue reading Angkor – Gallery

Mrauk U – Gallery

Mrauk U is magical. It fell of the map and from “time” in 19th century and was never recovered since…

I know it sounds way over-hyped but it really isn’t. To get there we needed to take almost day long boat trip from tiny jetty outside of Sittwe and this trip itself was already a good reason to go there. Once we  reached Mrauk U  it only got better. Main mode of transportation is still bicycle rickshaw (19th century), at night there were tokay geckos at almost all houses and half-palm sized spiders on the wall of our bathroom. Continue reading Mrauk U – Gallery

Sand painting – modern art in Bagan – Gallery

Bagan is not only about ruins and temples, it’s as well opportunity to meet modern Burma art. Every now and then you’ll see people selling so called “sand paintings” or bamboo dishes and those small things can be equally fascinating to watch as the old stones and wall paintings. They will not hassle you, many of them seem not to care about selling anything at all, so much focused they are on produing their small works of art…

Continue reading Sand painting – modern art in Bagan – Gallery

Bagan – Gallery

Bagan is amazing. It makes you feel like you’re Indiana Jones and gives you this thrill of adventure and discovery with every turn of your head and every step. Most of the temples there are easily accessible yet not renovated at all and with all the greenery around it’s easy to forget that the place it teaming with tourists at times, just remember to go of season… Continue reading Bagan – Gallery