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Venomous Australia??

Australia is unique. It’s being isolated for millions of  years and this created number of extraordinary creatures that can’t be found anywhere else. But this uniqueness comes at a price, ecosystems never exposed to outside world are vulnerable, any seemingly unimportant change can result in tragic consequences. For that reason this land down under is perfect place to watch what happens if human start to introduce foreign species to new environments…

There is one animal that everyone love so talking badly about it is somewhat politically incorrect, but let’s look at Australians favorite – dingo. Australia used to have it’s apex predator long time ago, and guess what… it wasn’t dingo, it was marsupial like all mammals there. It was called Tasmanian Tiger and it no longer can be seen. Everyone knows it was hunted down to the very last one, but no one seem to realize, that the main cause of it’s demise was dingo. Dingo that escaped, were abandoned or simply released by farmers managed to find their way to survive in the wild and Tasmanian Tiger lost the competition against aggressive, group animal that it never encountered before…

There are naturally occurring wild dogs in the world, like African painted dogs, but dingo isn’t one of those. Dingo is house animal that was released by people to the environment it doesn’t belong!

But the movie isn’t about dingo, it’s about snakes obviously… and  venomous ones at that.

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