Snake Dish Vietnam Style - Snake and its miserable fate. “Would you like some vodka with snake blood? Or even better, with its still beating heart. It is very good for men sir!!” Hundreds of tourist fall for this kind of marketing every year thinking, they are about to experience some authentic adventure. In reality, no one in Vietnam drinks … Continue reading Snake Dish Vietnam Style
Sewing Dao (Dao Khau) Tribe - Sewing Dao Tribe Women of this tribe are recognized by black 3/4 length trousers richly embroidered with the signature flower, tree and star patterns seen on many other Dao costumes. They also wear a front hanging black apron with a wide, plain blue band at the waist (also common to some H’mong), together with a plain … Continue reading Sewing Dao (Dao Khau) Tribe
Tam Dao – Trailer - Tam Dao Tam Dao National Park is located in North Vietnam, just few hours ride of Hanoi. Steep, uninviting mountains are home to many natural wonders. This movie is our invitation for you to meet some of them.
bungarus vs lycodon Wolf that pretends not to be wolf to look like real bad ass… - Mimicry is similarity of one organism to another, unrelated organism. Such similarity benefits impostor based for example on good or bad fame of the one that it’s being  mimicked… There are for example orchids that pretend to be… sexy female bees to get pollinated… There are grasshoppers that look like a leaf or a twig and there are … Continue reading Wolf that pretends not to be wolf to look like real bad ass…
The taste of Durian - Apparently, it is estimated that Vietnam has about 20 varieties of durian. Most of them do not have a name and are only available locally. Thailand is to have 234 and Malaysia, people of which are believed to be crazy about the king of fruits – around 130. It turns out that there are as … Continue reading The taste of Durian
Trimeresurus albolabris – White lipped pit viper. - Tiny baby, but in fact Trimeresurus Albolabris is responsible for around 45% of venomous bites treated in southern part of Vietnam.  See for your self hod deadly this creature is…
oligodon deuvei Oligodon Deuvei – newly discovered species from south Vietnam - Oligodon Deuvei doesn’t have a common name yet. It was discovered in 2008 by Patric David, Gernot Vogel and John Rooijen. Its name Deuvei was chosen to honor Mr. Jean Deuve who died in 2008 and who had spent 20 years in Laos  and in parallel to his political and military duties documented and researched fauna … Continue reading Oligodon Deuvei – newly discovered species from south Vietnam
Protobothrops Mucrosquamatus – Brown Spotted Pitviper - Protobothrops Mucrosquamatus, common name Brown Spotted Pitviper or Taiwanese Habu. This beautiful snake is widely distributed across southern Asia, from India through Viet Nam,  and is also found on Taiwan. This species can be found at altitudes of up to 2,000 m above sea level. Unfortunately one of the most frequent reasons for antivenom aid in Vietnam … Continue reading Protobothrops Mucrosquamatus – Brown Spotted Pitviper
chinese rat snake, ptyas korros Ptyas Korros - Ptyas Korros, commonly known as a Chinese Rat Snake. It leaves around whole South East Asia and it’s an endemic snake. Very beautiful and… with character as you can see!