bungarus vs lycodon

Wolf that pretends not to be wolf to look like real bad ass…

Mimicry is similarity of one organism to another, unrelated organism. Such similarity benefits impostor based for example on good or bad fame of the one that it’s being  mimicked… There are for example orchids that pretend to be… sexy female bees to get pollinated… There are grasshoppers that look like a leaf or a twig and there are mantises looking just like flowers and that often renders them entirely invisible. There are also some smart pants of natural world using mimicry to convince everyone around they should’t be messed with.

Kraits are snakes in elapid family. Entire family is hard core because aunties cobras, cousins taipans and bunch of other relatives belongs to the same “house”. And some of those cousins have deadliest chemical weapons on their disposal all the time, 24/7,since they were born. Kraits  are in no way lesser brothers here. Every forest dweller knows they are guys you shouldn’t play silly games with.

They are proud cast that never pretend to be someone else, nor they mimic anyone. They want to be known and recognized. Everyone here must know immediately it’s Don Candidus entering the room… But in the snake world there is one small gang of cowardly hoodlums, who specialize in exploiting fame of the true sharks of the forest floor.

Members of Lycodon gang commonly referred to as Wolfs are in fact bunch of a small crooks hiding their butts all day long in dark corners and only sometimes cockily flashing fangs in an attempt to look like true bad-ass. There is only one problem with those little fakes, if you make a mistake, pissed off Don Candidus will get medieval on your a*** before you even know it…



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